Wiki Pros and Cons



Advantages of Wikis


Disadvantages of Wikis


·         Free wiki software available.  Easy to create an account and make wiki.


  • Knowledge of some computer language (html) can help troubleshoot problems and make it easier to customize

·         No large amount of technical knowledge is required


  • Can be uncomfortable to use unfamiliar software1


·         Have access to wiki after the class officially ends


  • Possibilities of vandalism, but can be helped by password access and review of old versions.


·         Promotes creativity (goes beyond a plain text essay –includes multimedia)1


  • Difficult to authenticate the source and the qualifications of writers unless its ability to edit is controlled


·         In touch and interested in what other students write1


  • Technical support may be limited to your wiki provider (University IT services may not be able to troubleshoot)


·         All team members can have access to the wiki anytime anywhere3


  • Can possibly be time consuming for the teacher to set up (if they intend on first posting a lot of original data to get the site up)1


·         Have future classes expand the same wiki, creating a research center of information2


  • If relying on free wiki software, the company could discontinue the service or start charging


·         Sense of ownership1


  • Plagiarism and copyright issues; be sure everything is cited that is written by you and be wary that outsiders can steal what you’ve created3


·         Greater attention to work because anyone can read entries1


  • If outsiders can add entries, you may want to monitor the wiki


·         Expression of ideas however long or short they may be, and whenever they occur1


  • Easy to drastically change content from original form


·         Easy to share information; don’t have to send files over e-mail3


  • Overwhelming for teacher to grade if too many entries (tell students what assignments will be graded to combat this)1


·         Students get a sense of responsibility1



·         Everybody is working on the same document; no need to keep track of different versions3



·         Previous versions can be recovered if there is a need for it3



·         Great as shared online sketchpads4



·         Online space for brainstorming4



·         Perfect for creating perpetually updated lists or collections of links4



  • Easy for users to grasp utility as informal bulletin boards4



  • Learn new skills3



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